Nuffic study about retaining international talent in the Netherlands

Recently our colleague, Emmanuele van Houdenhoven-Collard, was asked to share her expertise on the international recruitment market with Nuffic as part of their recent study about why international students decide to make the Netherlands their new home. 

The internationalization of the labour market, dealing with talent scarcity, and the benefits of diversity in teams have been hot topics in 2023, and with the projections for 2024 they will continue to be at the forefront of all of our minds in the coming year as well. At Undutchables, the importance of international talent to the Dutch job market is something that we have been convinced of since the very beginning, and working with international companies and job seekers throughout the years has only proven the point even more. There is a great global talent pool waiting to become part of the Dutch labour market, with its international opportunities and great work-life balance. Many of these talented individuals are already making their way to the Netherlands through various channels, especially by coming to the Netherlands to study. A lot of talent is coming in, but this leads us to the next problem – not all of this talent is sticking around.

Noticing this challenge, Nuffic did a study recently to find out more about “Why international students decide to make the Netherlands their new home”, and thus, to help international companies realize how to retain and make use of these great international talents in the job market here. The Nuffic team interviewed international students, educational institutions, and companies who are active in the international market to get a better picture of what is happening and how we can bind talent to the Dutch market. As Undutchables is a well-known player in the international market within the Netherlands, our colleague, Emmanuele van Houdenhoven-Collard, was asked to contribute to the study and share her expertise as well. She was able to share helpful insights from the extensive feedback we have received from international companies and job seekers that we work with, as well as provide an additional unique perspective based on her personal experience as an international living and working in the Netherlands.

We are grateful to have been part of this significant study, and are also very happy that Nuffic has provided more insights into this important corner of the market by measuring and quantifying this information. This will help to answer more questions about these important topics and hopefully encourage the market to take a more serious look at solutions.

So, how can we make sure that international talent comes to and, more importantly, stays in the Netherlands? The Nuffic study discovered that there is more to the decision of international students staying (or leaving) after graduation than just whether they get a great career opportunity or not. Read more about the statistics and findings of the study in this article or check out the full study report here.


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