It's moments like this....

It is the moments like this... ❤️

Recently, our old (but not forgotten) colleague, Karin Björkman, received an unexpected email. It started with, 'of all, probably thousands of people you have helped with a job, I am the one that .......'.

As she read on, she discovered that it was from a job seeker that she helped to find their first job in the Netherlands way back in 2003!

Since then, this person has learned Dutch, settled and bought a house here and enjoyed many great career moves, including celebrating a new job where the taxes paid are even higher than their entire first earned salary. And it all started with a job received via Undutchables Recruitment Agency 20 years ago!

We love to hear how our candidates are doing and are so happy when we can play a role in helping you get settled and successful here! Plus, it is a huge boost to know that the work we do matters, so thank you to this thoughtful person who took the time to let us know and bring us a token of appreciation! 🍾

👏 Recruiters out there - Keep up the good work; it makes a difference!
💪 Internationals - Keep the hope; thriving in a new country is possible!

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