Undutchables Wrapped:  2023 Year in Review

As we prepare to ring in the new year, it's only fitting to reflect on 2023 and what we have accomplished this year. Looking back, we are proud of the journey we have been on in the last twelve months. It was a year full of growth, change, and fun at Undutchables. We are proud of our team and what they have realized this year. We would like to invite you to join us in exploring some of the key accomplishments and pivotal moments that defined Undutchables in 2023.

Expanded Visibility in the Market

Undutchables hit new heights in 2023, reaching an even wider audience across the whole globe with our tailored marketing strategies. Our online presence flourished and helped us to connect with more professionals and companies than ever before.

Website stats double

Social Media

A shout-out to our incredible community for making this such a wonderful year! Our social media family grew exponentially in 2023 and we have loved connecting with all of you online. Our goal to create helpful content across our many channels has also taken great strides thanks to our new Social Media Marketeer. With fresh content such as our “Tips and Tricks” and “Career Series” vlogs, and more stories and highlights to help you find our vacancies and learn more about our team more easily, we have set up a great start to continue growing in 2024. Thank you for being part of our journey on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and now Threads!

Social media stats

Continuous Improvement

At Undutchables we are commited to progression—professional, operational, and personal. We have done our best this year to implement initiatives and projects that help our company and team members to move towards our ambitions for the future. Keep reading to learn more about how we navigated the twists and turns of improvement throughout 2023.

New Website

We loved our old website and it served us well, but this year it was time for an upgrade. Our team worked tirelessly for months to make sure that our new website is fresh, full of helpful information, and user friendly. In addition to getting a fresh new, look, we also added a candidate portal to make it simple for our job seekers to adjust their information and ambitions in our database. Our goal with this project was to make sure that our website was modern and appealing and that our visitors can find everything they need easily and quickly. We are very excited about the result and proud of our colleagues who made this happen!

Website and portal

New Partnerships

This year we proudly collaborated with our partners to provide many great events that support the international community. We are also happy that we were able to strengthen our network by building relationships and establishing many new partnerships this year. Our partner page has expanded and our regional support has increased, which means we can provide even more support to our job seekers and the international companies that hire them. A special shout-out to our increased collaboration with the UWV to help get more job seekers on their feet in the Dutch market this year.

Our partners include experts in: 

  • Dutch Language Courses
  • Housing
  • Relocation Services
  • Financial Services
  • Family
  • Health Care
  • International Communities
  • Legal
  • Chambers of Commerce 
  • Commercial networking, and more!


Undutchables participated in, and hosted, many events this year. In addition to the lovely opportunity to network and meet new people during these functions, we also know that the expertise we have from over 25 years in international recruitment can help job seekers and companies alike. This is why our colleagues participated in a plethora of events throughout the Netherlands this year. We really enjoyed meeting all of you and sharing our knowledge as part of the many university and partner presentations, job fairs, and corporate trainings and network sessions in 2023.

In addition to the partner and international community events where we were present, we also hosted many events ourselves this year. We worked hard to find the balance between online and offline events, and are proud to have hosted successful live CV workshops, helpful online candidate webinars, and a very popular hybrid Expert Talk series about “How to Build a Company Culture that Everyone Feels Connected To.” We hope that these opportunities offered valuable insights to both our candidates and clients.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

In a challenging and changing market, we navigated legal complexities and market fluctuations with grace this year. Special thanks to our HR department and our new Business Process Software Consultant for their expertise in guiding us through this dynamic landscape. Their determined efforts ensured that we could quickly pivot internally, and efficiently inform candidates and clients, about frequently changing requirements due to adjustments in the Dutch labour law and the ABU CLA that have occurred this year. In a tricky market our team, partners, clients, and candidates stayed on top of it and came together to find good solutions so that we could successfully match people with their dream jobs this year. 

Personal Touch…but efficient

Balancing efficiency and a personal touch, we embraced automations this year to streamline our processes. The result? A smoother experience for both clients and candidates. The use of carefully crafted automations has allowed us to free up our staff from repetitive tasks so that they can focus on the personal conversations and approach that is central to our core values. Plus, automated processes have helped to provide clarity and helpful information catered to the needs of each of our contacts. We will always maintain our personal approach, and look forward to continuing to optimize our processes to allow for even more face time with you, our network.


In addition to a personal approach, we know that maintaining a high level of expertise is important so that we can advise and help our clients and candidates in the best way possible. All of our team members make sure that they are informed about current Dutch labour law and that they stay up to date about the international market. One of the ways we ensure this high level of expertise is by helping team members to obtain official recruitment certifications. This year nine of our dedicated team members completed advanced training and certification programs, enhancing their knowledge and expertise to better serve you.

Internal Growth

In addition to making improvements that would serve our clients, candidates, and partners better this year, we also made great strides internally to facilitate company growth, as well as individual improvement.

Internal Communication Upgrade

This year we introduced Undutchables Connect - our new internal site fostering better communication within our growing team. It's our digital hub for collaboration, updates, and sharing success stories. Our internal communication project team spent many hours figuring out the best ways to modernize our system and make sure that everyone in the company has access to the information they need. With short lines of communication and a clear sharing and storage system, we look forward to continuing to work even more efficiently together.

New Evaluation System

We know that feedback and regular evaluation moments are important to celebrate successes and identify improvement points. We also know that our team members are the heart of our organization. This year we initiated a new feedback and evaluation system that allows for more growth opportunities and company support for individual goals. The personal approach that we apply to our clients and candidates is something we apply to our employees as well, and we are grateful to have a new system that will help us effectively support each other and improve as professionals and as a team. The dedication that went into this important project reflects our commitment to growth and continuous improvement across all focus areas.


2023 was a milestone year for learning and development at Undutchables! We are proud to announce that this year we established Undutchacademy – an official internal training program that provides comprehensive training to our colleagues, ensuring they stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of recruitment. With new easy to follow courses for onboarding, commercial skills, Dutch labour law, sharing feedback, and more, our team members have access to an in-house knowledge library and internal trainers to help them become experts in their craft. Many employees have already made use of the Undutchacademy and completed courses this year. We look forward to expanding the academy even more in the upcoming years.

New Undutchies

A warm welcome to our newest team members! (Although some of them have been with us almost the entire year 😉 ...we are still very glad that they joined our Undutchables family in 2023!)

New colleagues 2

A Diverse and Unified Team

At Undutchables we believe in the beauty of diversity. Undutchables boasts a team representing 21 different nationalities, celebrating diversity as much internally as we promote it externally. Having such a diverse team allows us to connect with our candidates that come from all over the world, as well as broaden our horizons by learning about our colleagues. Although we may differ in many ways, there are also many ways that we are the same. For instance, most of our team members are internationals or globetrotters themselves which unites us with a common goal to help international job seekers and companies get connected. We have had many opportunities to get to know each other even better this year through chats about culture over lunch in the office, fun and educational teambuilding days, and celebrating personal milestones such as weddings, births, and promotions, along with our colleagues. The heart of Undutchables is truly our employees, and we are grateful to each of our Undutchies for their unique contribution to our team this year! ❤

So, to wrap up...

As the year concludes, we express our gratitude to you—our clients, candidates, and partners—for your support in 2023 and for being an integral part of the Undutchables family. Here's to another year of growth, collaboration, and success in 2024! 🎉🚀 

….and that’s a wrap! 😉


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