10 tips for recruiting staff yourself

Outsourcing the search for new employees saves you time and ultimately money. Obviously, there may be various reasons why you prefer to recruit your own staff. If that is the case, we are happy to help you do this as well as possible. That is why we have listed 10 tips for you with regard to recruiting new employees.

1. Draw up a clear job profile

Before writing your vacancy, make sure that you draw up a clear job profile. Describe in detail what kind of candidate you are looking for, what knowledge he or she must have and what other requirements he or she must meet. Think carefully about what kind of person would best complement your team and describe this. If you subsequently write your vacancy to recruit staff, include the most important points from the job profile. Also clearly state in your vacancy what your future employee should do and what difference he or she will make within your organization. This way you create the right expectations and you will soon be sitting at the table with someone who probably fits well within your company.

2. Clearly state in the vacancy what you have to offer

When writing a vacancy, do not only think about what kind of candidate you are looking for, but also what an employee can expect from you. For example, if you are looking for a recently graduated marketer, this person may find Corporate Social Responsibility important. A part-time receptionist may find it important to know that there is the possibility of being offered a permanent position sometime in the future. People find it very important to know where they will be working and where they stand. So, make sure to mention the core values of your company in your vacancy and describe how you give substance to them. For example, when reading the vacancy, a potential employee immediately feels whether they would fit into your organization.

3. Let employees have their say

You can also show who your company is and what your core values are in a different way than just in a general vacancy. In order to give your company more personality when you recruit staff, you can let one of your current employees write down their experience of working for you. The employee can give a realistic picture of your company, the atmosphere and the activities. You can of course also do this by making a short video. This works very well and you often have a greater reach with a video on LinkedIn, for example.

4. Use the network of employees in the search for personnel

Your current employees can play a larger role in the application process in addition to a role in a vacancy video. Ask if they could nominate candidates from their own network. Because your current employee already knows a candidate, you immediately have a good reference. You can of course also ask your employees if they want to share the vacancy via LinkedIn, for example. If 10 employees all have 500 connections, then together they have a minimum reach of 5,000 people. Finally, it is good to give your current employees a role in the job interviews. They have to work with the new colleague every day, so they may have a better idea of what kind of person suits the organization.

5. Take advantage of sponsored jobs on LinkedIn

Did you know that if you use LinkedIn to recruit staff you can share a sponsored vacancy in a targeted manner? It does cost some money, but you can focus on, among other things, a particular industry and work experience. With a Premium account you can also actively search and filter for all kinds of variables. This way you may also immediately come into contact with the right person!

6. Use a network meeting for staff recruitment

Okay, this may not be the best tip right now. But for when it is allowed and possible again, it is certainly a very valuable one. Are you active in a physical network? Then try to use this network in your search for the ideal employee. During a network meeting, do not ask for director X of company Y, but describe exactly what kind of employee you are looking for, and for which position. Perhaps one of your co-entrepreneurs will put you in touch with the person you are looking for.

7. Be visible on social media

Through the social media channels you can show who you are and what your company stands for. By being active on social media, you also ensure that you are literally visible and that people know that your company exists. Are they curious about what you do and what you have to offer? Then they will follow you. As soon as you share a vacancy, you will already reach a whole group of people who actually find your company interesting. And an additional advantage, they can share your message again to generate even more reach.

8. Good reactions? Time for a job interview!

Did you receive good responses to your vacancy? Then it is time for the job interview. Do not wait too long to invite candidates. Good candidates generally have several options. During the interview, always keep the job profile that you drew up in mind. Be sure to ask about the candidate's needs when it comes to the terms of employment package. One person prefers a slightly higher wage while the other, for example, prefers more vacation days.

9. Post an open vacancy on your website

Are you not looking for staff now? You can always mention an open vacancy on your website. By opening up as a company to open applications, you may receive responses from talented people you can contact when a vacancy opens up. This way, recruiting staff will be a piece of cake in the future. Please note: in the context of the GDPR, always ask if you can save an application.

10. Is it not working yourself? Hire a professional!

This may not have been your intention, but are you really unable to find staff yourself? Then hire a company that specializes in the recruitment of personnel. When choosing a cooperation partner, make sure that it suits you well. Check in which industry the recruiter mainly operates, what kind of candidates he normally looks for and look for references. There are many different ways to recruit staff, but if you don't succeed, trust a recruiter!

Of course we are also willing to help you in your search for new staff. Do you have any questions or would you like to have a chat first? No problem. You can always contact us without obligation. Good luck with your search!

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