How working with a recruitment agency shortens your time to hire

Recruitment and selection is not something you just pick up next to your other tasks. That is why many companies hire a recruitment agency for this. These specialists often chop with this ax and therefore know exactly what to look out for. But one of the biggest advantages of working with a recruitment agency is that it shortens your recruitment and selection process. And with a shorter time to hire you save money and you will sooner employ the person you so desperately need, so that no work is left behind or other employees become overloaded. You can read below how working with a recruitment agency can shorten your time to hire.

Experienced consultants

One thing a recruitment agency has for sure is experienced consultants. They know exactly what criteria to look for, both when looking for candidates and when consulting with employers. A recruitment consultant helps you work out the exact requirements, which makes the recruitment process a lot more efficient and faster. Experienced consultants also often have long-term relationships with candidates. So, if they know of a candidate with a specific skill set that they are looking for for the vacancy, they can very quickly introduce employers to talented specialists.

Extensive database

Recruitment agencies have an extensive database of suitable candidates at their disposal. As an employer, you can indicate exactly what you are looking for: what position it concerns, how much experience a candidate should have, which region he or she should come from, et cetera. And because the consultants have knowledge of the relevant sector in which you are looking and have a feeling for specific regions, they are able to quickly provide you with a large number of suitable candidates.

Access to innovative methods

Because a recruitment agency specializes in recruitment and selection, there is often more room for innovation than when recruitment is done in-house. This can help determine a new, cost-effective recruiting strategy for your business. For example, for the search for permanent employees, there is the Company-In formula, a recruitment solution where the employer - quickly and efficiently - gets to speak to several suitable candidates in one day. And there is Direct Start for temporary employees, where a temporary worker can start immediately without an interview and is already evaluated at the end of the first working day. This is the perfect way to avoid wasting time.

Support with the entire process

In the first instance, you naturally hire a recruitment agency to find top talent. But this is not the end of the process. Negotiations about, for example, salary, fringe benefits and counter-proposals from other employers are also part of this. A specialized agency supports employers through the entire process - from searching for suitable candidates to on-boarding. This is not only very useful for yourself, but it also makes the time to hire a lot shorter.

We all know the saying 'time is money'. This is also absolutely the case in the recruitment world. Because in addition to the fact that a recruitment agency ensures that the time to hire is shorter than if you do it yourself, working together with a recruitment agency also saves you money. See also the blog post '6 reasons why working with a recruitment agency saves you money'.

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