16 Easy Tips to Increase Your Employees' Motivation and Productivity on Remote Work

As remote work becomes the new norm, many employers around the world are trying to find ways to motivate their employees. Now that they do not see each other face-to-face or chat in the office, social interaction between employees and employers is more difficult to organize. Moreover, even though some employees were used to working a few days remotely, doing this permanently might come with challenges.

Organizing a working space in your home, accomplishing tasks, being productive, cooking, and doing household chores may be some of the factors that have a negative effect on employees’ motivation and productivity. Remote work doesn’t suit anyone because every human has his working and learning style.

Undutchables has already written a post on this subject which you can find here. So, in this new post, I will only expand the tips section and come up with new ideas that could help you motivate your employees.

1. Leisure Activities

According to an essay paper by an essay writing service, employees who are working remotely lack the social interaction they had at the office. Now they may only communicate regarding work topics. And doing this consequently may affect the team cohesion. Integrating leisure activities in the working schedule will help employees relax and catch up with their colleagues. And this will help them be more productive.

2. Encourage Breaks

Many employees who work remotely have a flexible working schedule. Some of the employees are working for eight hours straight because they think they are more efficient. But this is not true, as their brain needs breaks. Encourage your team and employees to take a short break every hour and relax.

3. Rewards

According to a custom essay service, many employers think of rewards as monetary ones. But as the new generations are entering the workforce, their expectations from the employers change. Employees are looking for rewards in the form of experiences. So, if you have employees and teams that deserve their rewards, try to focus on offering a beautiful experience.

4. Encourage Relaxation

One of the things that halt motivation and productivity is burnout. Burnout is common in the case of remote workers. This is because few of them have found their most productive time, have separated work from personal life, and organized working space. The effects of burnout are detrimental to productivity and motivation and this is why it is important to encourage your employees to relax and unwind.

5. Send Healthy Snacks

Food is very important for productivity and a fresh perspective and many remote workers neglect this part. Sending your employees healthy snacks such as combinations of fruits and vegetables will help them stay healthy while working remotely. Smoothies or milkshakes might work as well. And this will boost their motivation too, as they will see that you care about them.

6. Dedicated Working Space

Not all employees assess the importance of having a dedicated working space. Some of them might not have the space to organize it and this prevents them from focusing. Encouraging your employees to have a dedicated working space will keep their productivity and motivation burning. Allow employees to borrow office equipment such as desks or chairs to organize their working space at home.

7. The Right Tools

If you do not have the right tools, you can’t accomplish your tasks. An employer’s responsibility is to equip its team with the right collaboration and communication tools. If everything goes smoothly, employees will be motivated and productive.

8. Dress for Office

Many employees are working in their pajamas as they give them a plus of comfort and coziness. But this can prevent them from concentrating and being productive. Why is this happening?

Because you usually wear pajamas when you sleep or lounge on the couch, so your brain learned to associate them with these activities. It is likely that if your employees work in pajamas will experience sleepiness, yawning, and will have difficulties when trying to concentrate.

Encourage your employees to dress for the office and boost their productivity.

9. Set Goals

One of the easiest ways to boost motivation and measure productivity is by setting goals. Choose to set with each employee some SMART goals for his work.

However, your need to adopt a flexible approach towards these goals. Some of these might change due to things that are not in your employees’ power, and adapting goals to the actual context is something employers should be open to. These goals should be a reference point for the business’s activities, not something that sends you on a downward spiral if you don’t complete them.

16 easy tips set goals

10. Mark Important Moments

If you choose to mark important moments in your employees’ lives, such as their birthday, they will feel you care about them. It is also a nice way to show your appreciation for their work within the company and get closer to them.

11. Emphasize Well-being

The well-being of employees is one of the things many employers overlook. But if they feel good, their productivity and motivation are high. Choose to offer free or discounted therapy sessions for employees that confront themselves with high levels of anxiety, depression, or burnout.

12. Growth Opportunities

Even though the way we learn has been also changed by this pandemic, this can happen in another form. There are many training sessions online that can help your employees polish their skills or develop new ones. Choose to offer growth opportunities to your employees.

13. Flexibility

One of the things many employees yearn for when working remotely is flexibility. Some of them might have already identified their most productive times and they might be different from your working schedule. Allow them to approach their tasks with flexibility and without being stressed. And motivation and productivity will slowly rise.

14. Regular Feedback

One of the things that many employers avoid is giving feedback because they think that employees will get demotivated. But regular feedback, if transmitted correctly, can help employees be more motivated to become better. This is because they now know the things they have to improve.

15. Opportunities for Collaboration

Many employees might get bored working remotely and having little contact with their teams. Moreover, they lose contact with other teams as well. So, maybe some of them are interested in exchanging teams for a week. This exchange program can help them collaborate on other projects and get a fresh perspective.

16. Keep Distractions Away

One of the things that perturb the concentration process of remote employees are distractors. Encourage your employees to keep distractions away to find their focus easier. Closing social media tabs and putting your phone on silent should work.


Remote work turned out to be challenging both for employers and employees. These easy tips can help any employer keep contact with its employees and team and create the perfect environment for boosting their productivity and motivation.

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