5 reasons why internal recruiting is good for your business

You can of course hire a recruitment agency to find new employees. There are many benefits as to why a company would consult a recruitment agency for their recruiting needs. But if for some reason you decide to take another approach, for example you do not have the budget, or you are looking for someone who knows the company through and through, it’s not a bad idea at all to share the vacancy internally. In this blog post we mention a number of reasons why internal recruiting can be helpful for your company.

1. Internal recruiting saves costs

The fact that the costs will be lower is extremely important for organizations to recruit internally. The vacancy can be circulated by mail, staff magazine or word of mouth. The organization and/or HR department often already knows the employee or information can be retrieved quickly via the manager. Finally, the training period is relatively short and can be less expensive because less training will be required.

2. The candidate knows the company

Existing employees are already familiar with the internal processes and policies of the organization, which means that on-boarding costs less time (and money). In addition, they are familiar with the culture of the office, which makes it easy for them to start a new position. In other words, this candidate will have fewer problems adapting and will need a relatively short training period.

3. Internal promotions promote career development

When someone is promoted internally, it boosts confidence and encourages them to further develop their professional career. Rewarding people who have proven their value to the company also motivates other employees to increase their productivity and improve their performance.

4. Professional progress increases engagement

The key to employee retention is stimulating motivation and commitment. Internal mobility encourages employees to work hard and feel constantly challenged, and reaffirms senior management's confidence in their employees' ability. The result will be that employees feel valued and involved.

5. Internal mobility is good for the company reputation

Internal mobility is not only beneficial for the company and employees, but also for the employer as a brand. Internal mobility is seen as an attractive trait for external candidates as it shows that the company rewards its own employees and stimulates internal learning and career development.

Companies who are able to attract the best talent and promote internal mobility will have a more motivated and engaged workforce, resulting in greater business impact.

Internal recruiting can therefore have many advantages and is certainly a good option if you have a limited budget or if you consciously choose an existing employee of your company for other reasons. Do you not have a suitable candidate in house or do you prefer to outsource the recruitment of new staff? No problem. Please contact us so that we can see together what we can do for each other.

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