6 reasons why working with a recruitment agency saves you money

Many companies think that outsourcing recruitment costs a lot of money. Of course, the services that these agencies provide come with a price. However, down the road, working with a recruitment agency can prove more cost-effective. Wondering how you can save money on recruiting new staff? Keep reading below.

1. Lower costs through better scalability

Do you suddenly have a peak in your sales or are you soon starting a project that temporarily requires more staff? Thanks to a recruitment agency you can quickly scale up. A recruitment agency is able to tackle such swift requests faster than your own recruiter or recruitment department.

2. Less time needed to find the right employee

Time is money, so the sooner a vacancy is filled, the faster your internal operation will be fully operational again. Moreover, every day that a vacancy remains open will costs you turnover. It is therefore very important for your continuity that someone suitable for the job is found quickly.

Whether it concerns a frequently occurring position or a specialist niche position, a good recruitment agency quickly supplies the right candidates. Carefully selected in advance for the right skills and personality.

3. Recruitment agencies provide fewer bad hires

A bad hire costs a lot of money. Not to mention the time, hassle and stress that goes with it. Hiring a candidate who, upon further reflection, does not suit your organization is not ideal for anyone. A professional recruitment agency knows its candidates and knows exactly whether or not someone is a good fit for your organization. Not only in terms of education, experience and competences, but especially in terms of personality. This increases the quality of the accepted candidates and the chance that your new employee will remain connected to your organization for a longer period of time.

4. Lower operational costs due to an optimal recruitment process

Without a good recruitment process, your operational recruitment costs can increase significantly. A recruitment agency takes a fresh look at the effectiveness and efficiency of your recruitment process; can it be organized smarter, more in line with your employer brand and current developments? Are your recruitment channels still delivering the desired results or are other channels perhaps more interesting now? Moreover, outsourcing your recruitment makes part of your operational costs superfluous: after all, you will have to spend less on job advertising, subscriptions to job boards and recruitment software. This way you can save considerably on your operational recruitment costs.

5. Always up to date with the latest recruitment techniques and knowledge

The recruitment landscape is changing enormously. Recruitment tools and recruitment techniques that gave good results yesterday can suddenly no longer work today. New recruitment laws and regulations may require you to rethink your recruitment process. If you have to keep track of this yourself, buy new software and follow training courses the cost will eventually rack up. A good recruitment agency ensures that recruiters constantly have access to the latest techniques and knowledge. From ATS systems, social media recruitment and referral tools, to dashboards for more insight into your recruitment data. That in turn saves you a training budget and investments in your own personnel.

6. Predictable recruitment costs

Nothing is more annoying than unforeseen increases in your recruitment costs. For example, through money-consuming recruitment campaigns. The umpteenth expensive subscription to a promising job board or recruitment platform that ultimately does not live up to expectations.

It is not really a saving, but working with a good recruitment agency makes your recruitment costs more predictable. Especially when it comes to all-in prices. So, pay close attention to this when selecting a recruitment agency. With a good agency you have more control over your recruitment costs and you can therefore budget better.

In short, despite the fact that hiring a recruitment agency costs money, recruiting staff yourself often costs a lot more money (and time). Are you curious about what services we have to offer at Undutchables and what the prices are? If you need more information on the types of Recruitment Agencies read this article. Take a look at our website or contact us. We are happy to help you save money!

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