How to Build a Company Culture that Everyone Feels Connected To

Part 3: The Secret to an Organisational Culture that Everyone Loves

In the fast-paced world of modern business, where competition is fierce and innovation is key, the importance of company culture cannot be overstated. A strong and supportive company culture not only fosters employee satisfaction and loyalty but also plays a crucial role in driving organizational success and achieving strategic objectives. Understanding this pivotal role, Undutchables hosted a three-part Expert Talk series focused on unraveling the intricacies of company culture and providing practical insights into how organizations can create and sustain a culture that aligns with their vision and goals.

Led by seasoned expert Ligia Koijen-Ramos, the series delved deep into the dimensions of culture, principles of influencing culture, and practical applications for building a thriving organizational culture. Drawing parallels between organizational culture and the human brain, Ligia likened the process of designing a company's culture to constructing a mind map. Just as the brain coordinates and directs the functions of the body, a well-designed organizational culture serves as the guiding force behind a company's identity, beliefs, and behaviors.

Central to the process of crafting an organizational mind map is the measurement of existing culture. Often overlooked but undeniably crucial, measuring company culture provides valuable insights into its current state and highlights areas for improvement. Ligia introduced two comprehensive frameworks for culture measurement: Hofstede's organizational culture principles and operational principles inspired by nature.

Hofstede's principles offer a structured approach to evaluating organizational culture across various dimensions, including means-oriented vs. goal-oriented, internal vs. external orientation, easygoing vs. strict work discipline, local vs. professional focus, open vs. closed system, and employee-oriented vs. work-oriented. By identifying where a company currently falls on each dimension, as well as where they would like to place themselves, leaders can gain a deeper understanding of their culture and strategically steer it towards their desired ideals.

Complementing Hofstede's principles, operational principles derived from nature provide invaluable insights into crafting sustainable and adaptive organizational cultures. Drawing parallels with nature's ability to recycle, adapt, collaborate, and optimize, Ligia emphasized the importance of integrating these principles into organizational practices to foster resilience, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

To translate theory into practice, Ligia proposed a simple yet effective exercise for organizations to align their culture with their vision and goals. By creating a mind map that incorporates both sets of principles and comparing the current culture to the desired ideal, organizations can identify gaps and chart a roadmap for cultural transformation.

In today's dynamic business landscape, where change is constant and challenges abound, the significance of company culture cannot be overstated. By embracing the principles outlined by Ligia and undertaking a systematic approach to culture measurement and transformation, organizations can cultivate a culture that not only resonates with their employees but also drives sustainable growth and success.

Creating a connected company culture is key to engaging employees and driving organizational success. Taking a conscious approach based on natural and cultural principles, building on what is already there, and being open to change that supports your organization’s vision and mission are what it is all about. As you become more aware of your company culture and more attentive to the changes within it, you will see that those within your organization, as well as your partners and clients, will be more aligned and you will see greater success.

As Ligia aptly summarizes, "It is really about your vision and your goals. The culture that will engage everyone is the one that will bring to you the people that believe in your culture.”

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This is a recap of part 3 of our Expert Talk series, How to Build a Company Culture that Everyone Feels Connected To. You can review what we learned about the dimensions of culture in our part 1 recap blog, or about influencing culture in our part 2 recap blog. You can also rewatch the full sessions on our YouTube channel. Enjoy!

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