Fostering growth through diversity and inclusion

Nowadays, more than ever, having a diverse workforce with people from different cultures and backgrounds is essential for a company’s success. A large number of managers are instilling the idea of diversity in their companies hoping to reap the benefits it brings with it.

Having a diverse work environment, however, does not necessarily mean that your company will be successful. Diversity needs to be understood on all levels and most importantly implemented accordingly in order to start seeing changes. The question most people struggle with is how to go about the concept of diversity.

Before we can answer that question, it is of importance to identify the true reason why diversity is such a major topic in this day and age. Compared to a few years ago, the workplace has evolved both in terms of technological advances and most importantly human composition. Generational shifts and widespread immigration has played and will continue to play a big role in today’s workforce. As the shift in the workforce becomes more heterogeneous and increasingly prevalent, so does the need for terms such as diversity and equality.

But how does one go about this topic successfully?

First and foremost, diversity is one of the factors of success. Diversity alone will not institute the desired changes in the company. However, diversity paired with inclusion will leverage understanding, creativity and discussion and drive continued growth. Inclusion, the second factor that contributes to the organization’s success is the idea that all individuals are treated fairly and have the equal amount of opportunity and contribution within the organization (they are fully included).

Building a diverse and inclusive environment brings many benefits to an organization.

1. A diverse skill set

A diverse team brings different competencies to the table. Homogenous groups have as disadvantage their narrow skill sets. Chances are that because most individuals in the group think alike, that they fail to identify opportunities that can drive the organization forward.

2. A diverse culture

Hiring people from diverse cultures with diverse backgrounds equips companies with the ability to understand customers with a different background. Companies are therefore also more inclined to understand address the evolving markets.

3. A diverse perspective

A diverse workforce nurtures an environment of sharing and discussion. This because different people have different ways of looking at and solving a problem. The more diverse perspective there are, the more options and opportunities there are to reach an overlooked solution.

For a company that is functioning in and catering to an international environment, diversity and inclusion should be at the forefront of all activities. As such a company, Undutchables understands the benefits a diverse and inclusive approach brings. Internally, we foster an environment of equal opportunity and speech. Encouraging idea sharing allows us to identify problems and solutions within the recruitment field. Furthermore, because of our international workforce, we understand our candidates and are able to cater to our market. We see the potential of each individual and understand what they can bring to the table for organizations looking for talent.

All in all, diversity is an essential part of a healthy work ecosystem. It cannot be forced but must be embraced. Paired of with inclusion managers are more likely to create synergy and propel growth in their company. When done right, there is much to gain from a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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