Company Culture Expert Talk Resources

You can now find all of the resources from our Expert Talk sessions about company culture in one handy place. 

In 2023 we hosted an Expert Talk Series focused on creating a company culture that supports your organisational values. Ligia Koijen-Ramos from In2Motivation shared impactful information about cultural dimensions, as well as great tips for establishing the specific culture that will best support your company. You can find the session recordings, recap blogs for each topic, and more below. Enjoy!  

First of all, we would like to share a peek into the lovely final session of the series that was held live in Amsterdam. It was great to see many of you there! 

We are glad that so many of you could participate in the live session and webinars last year. Feel free to bookmark this page to make it nice and easy for you to review all of the information as often as you would like. 

Now, on to what you have all been waiting for - the recap blogs and recordings of each of the sessions. 

Part 1: Dimensions of Culture and the Perfect Combination for Success 

Dimensions of Culture and the Perfect Combination for Success was a workshop focused on recognizing what makes a culture unique, and learning how to integrate the dimensions of culture that will promote the best results for the organisation. Ligia shared tips for a practical approach with a focus on making work a great place for all.

Part 2: Influencing Culture(s)

Communication is key. The ability to influence and inspire is the future of work. This workshop focused on giving you the master skills and tools you will need to influence around the globe, get the best out of people, and help people feel that they belong. 

Part 3: The Secret to an Organisational Culture That Everyone Loves

Belonging, participation, and talent were some of the biggest words for 2023. Are you asking yourself: How do I develop an organisational culture that people want to belong to, and how can I build a culture that provides daily support to the vision and results of the organisation? Then this is the workshop you should watch!

Whitepaper: How to build a company culture that everyone feels connected to

Download this whitepaper for a quick guide to cultural dimensions, influencing culture, and creating a company culture that supports your values and team. This whitepaper walks you through the most important aspects from the Expert Talk Series. Enjoy!

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