Hasni van Deursen - Seasoned Undutchable

1. How long have you been working for Undutchables?
15 years

2. How did it all start? How did you get in contact with Undutchables?
I came to the Netherland in 2003, tried a few starter jobs to improve my Dutch. I’ve never heard of Undutchables until the beginning of 2005, when I tried to find an English job. I saw a function as an Office Assistant on the website and applied for it, only I wasn’t aware that this function was for Undutchables office in Amstelveen itself, not for their clients 😊. Marjan was the one who interviewed and hired me. The team and the company are great! So, it was like love at first sight with Undutchables!!

3. What function were you hired to do and how has that changed since you started working for Undutchables?
I started as an Office Assistant. After a few months I helped placed a few candidates at some of our clients, so I was offered to become a Recruitment Consultant. I love having contact with clients and candidates but being commercial is not really my favorite thing. I worked as an Office Assistant for 9 months until I got the opportunity to work in the Head Office as Secretary.

4. You have been working for Undutchables for many years now. What is one of the most memorable moments you have experienced working for the company?
There were so many memorable moments throughout these 15 years. But I can’t forget our surprise weekend to the Lapland. The day after I came back from Malaysia (with plus 35 degrees), we departed to Lapland (with minus 35 degrees). How bizarre was that!!

We celebrated Undutchables 10th year Anniversary with the whole team.

5. 15 years is quite some time. What about the company made you decide to stay around for so many years?
Only a few words to describe my stay: Great team, fun and flexibility!!

6. What is a challenge you had to overcome working at Undutchables?
Working with different cultures is fun but you must have lots of understanding when it comes to communication. I had once a big argument with a colleague on a very small matter because of the misinterpretations of words and body language.

7. Working for so many years for a company, you must have experienced a lot of ups and downs. What would you say was a moment where you feel that the company was forced to adapt due to external factors?
Undutchables’ Team is very close. In 2013 due to the economical crisis we had to say goodbye to some colleagues. A few offices had to be closed down. It was a hard time but luckily no hard feelings.. I’m still in contact with lots of ex-Undutchies.

8. Where do you see Undutchables in 5 years?
Undutchables goes with the time. In this case lots of modernization and digitalization, but still we won’t lose our personal touch!

9. Do you have any advice for the younger Undutchables generation?
Well, first of all I’m probably seasoned at Undutchables but not that old hahaha..

But I know what you mean 😊. I guess stay chill and don’t get stressed easily. It’s not the end of the world if you face challenges or problems at work. There is always a solution. You live only once, it would be a shame if you let yourself get carried out by unnecessary stress. So, stay healthy and there is always a way to find fun!

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