What to look for when searching for a recruitment agency in the Netherlands?

The labour market is constantly changing. Depending on worldwide events, fiscal year budgets, and more recruitment can vary. Sometimes companies may have a vacancy stop because there is (temporarily) not enough work available. At that same moment other companies might need people more than ever. But how can you quickly find the most suitable candidate regardless of your company's current recruitment season?

You can of course post a vacancy yourself and search through LinkedIn, but especially when you need specific candidates (for example internationals), it may be wiser to work with a recruitment agency. Recruiters have a lot of knowledge of the market and know where to find talented candidates. Moreover, recruitment agencies save you a lot of time by only supplying candidates who are pre-selected and match the criteria you are looking for. In these difficult times, it is naturally best that you focus on your company, while a recruitment agency lightens the load and provides you with the ideal candidates who can immediately assist you.

Because there are so many different recruitment agencies in the Netherlands, it can be difficult to determine which agency to choose. Below you can read what you should pay attention to when looking for the right recruitment agency.

The recruitment agency must be able to meet your personnel needs

Are you looking for permanent employees, do you only need people for a certain project, or do you just need extra hands during this crisis period? It is important to determine what your needs are and, based on this, look at the unique qualities of the agencies.

Look for a recruitment agency that is specialized in your field of expertise

Because recruiters want to deliver as much talent as possible, many recruitment agencies are broadly oriented. However, for specialist profiles you need an agency that has specific knowledge of the market in which you operate. Is the agency good at providing commercial profiles? What about their ability to provide talented candidate in the field of operations or quality assurance? Once the agency has in-depth knowledge about your business and your recruitment needs, it will only then be able to add value to your recruitment process.

Discover the current customer base and the working method of the recruitment agency

To get a good idea of an agency, visit their website. Also ask in a personal conversation about current clients and positions for which they have recruited. When the positions and type of companies the agency has worked with meet your needs, this can create confidence towards a prospective relationship. Always ask the agency what their approach and their recruitment process looks like. Are they vague in their answers? Then this may be a reason not to opt for a collaboration.

Find out the experience of the recruiters. An experienced recruiter will always give a short introduction in a conversation, so that you know what his/her background is. The recruiter's experience and qualifications provides an indication of the recruitment agency's qualities. For example, is he/she aware of the latest regulations regarding recruitment?

Finally, make sure you have a click with the recruitment agency

Of course, it is also important that you have a click with the agency and the person who will represent you and your company to the market and potential employees. A good agency and a good recruitment consultant handle your name carefully, are 100% committed to your search and always go for long-term cooperation.

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