Sie Wai Tsang - Seasoned Undutchable

1. How long have you been working for Undutchables?
I have been working for Undutchables almost 15 years. I started on the 24th of November 2005.

2. How did it all start? How did you get in contact with Undutchables?
My partner and I were living and working in Barcelona for a while. Due to my partner’s business, he was on a regular basis in the Netherlands and ended up working almost 100% in the Netherlands. We ended up having a long-distance relationship and at the end we decided to move back to the Netherlands in order to be together.

Since I lived abroad for many years, I knew when I move back to the Netherlands one day, I didn’t want to join a typical local company. I really wanted to pursue my career in an international environment. I knew Undutchables already from the past and decided to connect with the organization.

The world is small. My partner used to work together with Paula’s partner (Paula is Undutchables’ ex-general manager). When he heard that we had plans of moving back, he called my partner and checked our situation.

One day, it was October 2005, I received a phone call from ex- Undutchable, Erwin. He viewed my CV and he asked me if I would like to go back in the recruitment field. I said ‘yes, of course’.
We arranged a meeting and I flew over for a long weekend. I remember, it was the last weekend of October and the weather was beautiful! It felt like late summer.

I had an interview on Friday. The meeting took almost 4 hours. In that evening I had to do a SHL test. (I remember Nick had to go back to the office in order to arrange the online test for me). On the following Monday, I went back for the SHL meeting. My soon to be manager at that time was still on holiday, therefore I couldn’t meet her. But after 1 week, she called me and we had a phone conversation.
The rest is history!

3. What function were you hired to do and how has that changed since you started working for Undutchables?
I was hired as a Recruitment Consultant. Over the years I had the opportunity to explore my role and ended up where I am now - Senior Recruitment Consultant.

4. You have been working for Undutchables for many years now. What is one of the most memorable moments you have experienced working for the company?
Pfff, that’s really difficult. There are many…

5. 15 years is quite some time. What about the company made you decide to stay around for so many years?
Time flies, I have been working for Undutchables almost 15 years! It doesn’t feel like that, I guess this is a good sign 😊. Undutchables is a very warm and caring company towards the employees. This is very valuable.

6. What is a challenge you had to overcome working at Undutchables?
I think I am lucky. It just happened.

I strongly believe, if you enjoy, love and believe what you do and at the same time, you feel appreciated, then you don’t want to change.

7. Working for so many years for a company, you must have experienced a lot of ups and downs. What would you say was a moment where you feel that the company was forced to adapt due to external factors?
True, during these years there were definitely ups and down.
I think Covid-19 made Undutchables (and us) adapt due to big changes.

8. Where do you see Undutchables in 5 years?
The job market is changing. More people are/ will be working remotely. Undutchables will be even more focused on online recruitment. The recruiters will be getting more support from better and faster technologies (algorithm) so we can do faster and better matches. The recruiters will have more time for personal touch, in order to create a better and longer relationship with our clients. Our 4 core values are very important.

9. Do you have any advice for the younger Undutchables generation?
It’s important to ask yourself if you enjoy, love and believe in what you do.

It’s just like a relationship. Commitment, trust and believe in it. Then the rest will come.

25 years of International Recruitment

A company's history tells it's story. For Undutchables, on our 25th anniversary we want to invite you to relive Undutchables' history by sharing a few glimpses of the past 25 years. Read about the history of Undutchables here.

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