The Benefits of Online Recruitment

Recruitment has come a long way from its traditional methods, namely online recruitment. With all the benefits that online recruitment has to offer, there is no surprise companies and recruitment agencies opt for this recruitment method over the traditional way of recruiting. But, online recruitment is not only beneficial for organizations. Today candidates looking for a new career opportunity turn to online recruitment to find their perfect job. So why is it that we are seeing less and less use of the traditional methods and how exactly are these new methods beneficial for people looking for a new job?

Online Job Search

The first is obvious. Such as for companies, candidates have a bigger pool of vacancies to browse through and apply to. They can find vacancies from every part of the world and more importantly the use of online recruitment makes it possible to apply anywhere and at any time. Especially with the compatibility of mobile technology, online recruitment and advanced job boards, candidates can upload their CV online and be approached by companies or recruitment agencies looking for someone with their profile.

Benefits of an online CV

So what can you as a candidate do to optimize the use of online recruitment in order to have a sound profile online? First and foremost, the CV. Your CV is your calling card. This is what companies, and recruitment agencies alike look at when considering if you are fit for the job. Make sure that your online CV is up to date and includes your most relevant experiences. Another factor is your personal brand online. Your personal brand is how you represent yourself online. Being online means that most if your activities are out there for the whole world to see. Bare in mind that employees do look at your social media profiles when making a decision. On the other hand social media also makes it easy to stay up to date with new vacancies. Platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook are great resources to use when looking for a job.

Benefits of recruitment agencies

Making use of recruitment agencies offers a range of benefits for candidates. As a candidate your profile is in the database of the (multilingual )recruitment agency. Once they have a suitable position for you, they will get in contact with you to inform you about the match. The beauty of such agencies is that they ‘hold your hand’ throughout the whole process. Agencies such as Undutchables go the extra mile and offers the candidates a more personal touch. At Undutchables, candidates with a suitable profile are invited to one of the offices for a ‘Get to know you’ meeting where the recruiters discuss their profile in an informal setting. This makes quite a difference when you are introduced to companies through the agency as the companies thrust the agencies expertise and believe in their authoritative status. What is important to note is that recruitment agencies in the Netherlands are obliged to handle your information securely. This means that your profile will never be sent to companies without your consent.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on the online recruitment bandwagon and reap the benefits it has to offer.

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