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Job hunting can feel like a full-time job and figuring out the best moves to make can be confusing, especially in a new labour market. Getting a peek inside the mind of a recruiter can make this process a bit easier. So, let us help with that! In this blog series our experienced recruitment consultants share their top tips to help you succeed in your job search. Learn how to make your application stand out, impress recruiters, and move through the job application process smoothly by following the advice of our experts. This month’s tips are brought to you by our recruitment consultant from Eindhoven, Anique van Gorp.

TIP 1 - Arrange housing ahead of time

In the Dutch job market, there's a notable trend where clients are becoming less open to hiring candidates who still need to relocate closer to the job due to the housing market challenges. The housing market in the Netherlands has been experiencing significant pressure, with limited availability and rising prices in many areas, particularly urban centers. As a result, candidates who require relocation may face increased scrutiny or reluctance from employers, who may prefer candidates already residing in the vicinity or those who can arrange their housing swiftly without additional support. 

This trend can pose challenges for candidates seeking opportunities in regions with high demand for housing, impacting their ability to secure positions and potentially limiting their job prospects. Make sure to not wait until the last moment to arrange your housing in the Netherlands, and inform employers of your plans so that they will be aware of your knowledge and efforts within the tight Dutch housing market.

TIP 2 - Upgrade your communication and professionalism

When working with candidates, something I really don't appreciate seeing is when they are consistently late or interrupt midway through talking. Punctuality is a sign of respect for everyone's time and demonstrates professionalism. When candidates are repeatedly late for interviews or other interactions, it can disrupt schedules and create a negative impression.

Similarly, interrupting midway through a conversation can be perceived as rude and disrespectful, hindering effective communication and rapport-building. It's essential for candidates to actively listen and engage in constructive dialogue without constantly cutting off others. These behaviors not only reflect poorly on the candidate but also detract from the overall quality of the interaction, making it challenging to assess their suitability for the role.

As a recruiter, a red flag that stands out to me is when a candidate's CV doesn't align with their LinkedIn work experience. Discrepancies between the two can raise questions about the candidate's honesty, consistency, and attention to detail. It's essential for candidates to maintain consistency across their professional profiles to build trust and credibility with potential employers. When there are discrepancies, it can indicate a lack of attention to detail or, in some cases, deliberate misrepresentation of their work history, both of which are concerning from a recruitment perspective.

Another significant red flag is when candidates fail to show up for scheduled meetings or interviews without prior notice. This demonstrates a lack of respect for the recruiter's time and can disrupt the hiring process. It also raises doubts about the candidate's reliability and commitment to the opportunity. While emergencies or unforeseen circumstances can sometimes arise, consistently missing appointments or failing to communicate effectively reflects poorly on the candidate's professionalism and can impact their candidacy for the role.

As you may have guessed, my recruitment pet peeve is wasting time. Whether it's candidates who fail to show up for scheduled interviews without notice, bad communication, or lengthy hiring processes that lack efficiency, wasting time during recruitment can be frustrating for all parties involved. Time is a valuable resource, and when it's squandered due to disorganization, lack of communication, or inefficient processes, it can hinder productivity, delay decision-making, and ultimately prolong the hiring timeline. Effective recruitment requires careful planning, clear communication, and respect for everyone's time to ensure a smooth and timely process that maximizes the chances of finding the right candidate for the role. So, my tip in a nutshell would be to make sure that you are contributing to your own hiring process by putting your best foot forward, meaning: communicating clearly, showing up on time, and maintaining a high level of professionalism with everyone involved throughout the entire process.

TIP 3 - Put effort into building your network - it is worth it!

Speaking of communication and professionalism…..One thing that I've noticed but might not be immediately obvious to job seekers is the importance of networking beyond formal job applications. While submitting resumes and attending interviews are crucial steps in the job search process, building and nurturing professional relationships can significantly enhance one's career prospects. Networking allows job seekers to tap into hidden job markets, where opportunities may not be publicly advertised. It also provides valuable insights into industry trends, company cultures, and job requirements that may not be apparent from job postings alone. Moreover, networking can lead to mentorship opportunities, referrals, and even direct job offers, making it a powerful tool for advancing one's career.

The Dutch job market often prioritizes candidates who demonstrate an understanding of Dutch culture, work norms, and business etiquette as well. Using your network to integrate into the local culture and showcasing an appreciation for Dutch customs can enhance a candidate's competitiveness in the job market.

TIP 4 - Be prepared and show your enthusiasm

When working with candidates, something I really appreciate seeing is their enthusiasm and preparedness. Enthusiasm shows a genuine interest in the role and the company, which can be infectious and energizing. It indicates that the candidate is genuinely excited about the opportunity and motivated to contribute positively. Additionally, being well-prepared demonstrates a commitment to the process and a respect for everyone's time.

Enthusiasm is a powerful quality that immediately puts me on the candidate's side and makes me eager to help them find a job. When a candidate approaches their job search with genuine enthusiasm, it shows their passion, motivation, and positive attitude towards securing employment. Their excitement about the opportunity and willingness to learn and grow within a role are infectious and inspiring. It makes me want to go the extra mile to support them, whether it's providing guidance, connecting them with relevant opportunities, or advocating on their behalf. Enthusiastic candidates tend to stand out because they approach challenges with optimism and determination, traits that are highly valued in the competitive job market. Ultimately, their enthusiasm fuels my own desire to assist them in achieving their career goals.

Another thing that has often helped candidates I've worked with to be successful is a combination of being prepared and sometimes being bold. Prepared candidates typically have researched the company, understand the role's requirements, and are ready to discuss how their skills and experiences align with the position. This level of readiness not only showcases professionalism but also allows for more meaningful and productive conversations during the recruitment process. Candidates who take the time to prepare tend to come across as more engaged, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic, which can leave a positive impression on hiring managers.

In addition to full preparedness, sometimes being bold can also pay off for candidates. This might involve confidently expressing their unique skills and perspectives, proactively networking to uncover hidden opportunities, or creatively showcasing their qualifications through unconventional means. Boldness demonstrates initiative, confidence, and a willingness to step outside of one's comfort zone, traits that can differentiate candidates in a competitive job market.

Overall, seeing candidates who bring both enthusiasm and preparedness to the table creates a positive impression and often leads to successful outcomes for all involved parties.

Anique is an experienced recruitment consultant from our office in Eindhoven. You can find contact information for Anique, and our other recruitment consultants here. Feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions about finding a job in the Netherlands. In the meantime, you can also read more great tips from our recruiters here. Happy job hunting!

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