New to Work From Home? These Habits Will Help

When you’re working from home, you are the only one who can hold yourself accountable. The American Psychological Association reports that habits are difficult to change despite having good intentions. For example, if you develop a habit of waking up late, you will continue to do so despite wanting to get up earlier. For instance, remote workers who have control over their time can often fall into this trap, thinking that they can adjust their habits at any time. This is why forming good habits from the beginning of your work-from-home journey is crucial, because it will determine the way your remote work experiences will turn out in the short and long term.

As such, here are a few habits that new remote workers can start out with:

Begin with the end in mind

A clear vision of what you want to achieve will help to guide you on your journey. This is what renowned leadership authority Stephen Covey says in his book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. When at home, you can get burnt out because all you do is work. You can get tired of your job or daily routine. Still, you should keep in mind why you do what you do.

Think of the reason why you have a job, for instance. Perhaps you have a life-long career goal or you’re saving up for a house or trip. Keeping your end goal in mind keeps you on track and motivates you to keep working.

Leave your home

A remote work setting means staying at home for the majority of the day, most likely seated in front of a computer. While this is the ideal life for some, extended periods of isolation have harmful effects on a person’s health. Medical News Today states that this can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.

If Covid-19 restrictions in your area permit it, take a walk outside or spend time with friends. Taking a walk is a form of exercise, which is not only good for physical and mental health but also strengthens the immune system. Social connections prevent feelings of loneliness and isolation that can develop due to working from home. Leaving your home once in a while will do you good as a remote worker.

Bask in natural light

In our article '4 Workspace Recommendations', we mentioned that natural light is beneficial for remote workers. It helps the brain become fully alert and activated, preparing it for the workday ahead. It also improves mood and helps you feel revitalized. So, if you cannot go outside, at least work near a window. Getting your daily dose of sunlight can uplift your mood and help you become productive at work.

Remote workers can get burnt out most of the time due to the amount of work they need to accomplish, which is why forming habits such as getting natural light can be beneficial.

Make your bed

When working from home it is often easy to stop making your bed. Salesforce executive Karen Mangia, and the author of ‘Working From Home’, suggests that this can determine the way your day goes. Fixing your bed is the first task you will accomplish in a day. Thus, every task that comes after will seem manageable. Making this a habit also signals your brain that it is ready for the work day ahead. Making your bed seems like a trivial task but it actually helps you take on the more daunting tasks waiting for you.

Remote working requires discipline and will require you to set good habits so that you don’t get burnt out and stay productive. Hopefully, these tips will help you adjust as a new remote worker. And the additional reading material we have provided you is a great starting point to being more productive the minute you get out of bed.

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Written exclusively for by Carla Jennice. Carla is an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for writing and interior design. Outside of work, she's a big fan of poker, forex trading, and tiny dogs.


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