5 reasons to work in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is fast becoming a popular destination for international businesses and expats alike, thanks in part to its growing renewable market. That together with a strong economy and one of the highest rates of quality of life in the world, it’s no surprise that many internationals are expressing interest in this tiny country. Not convinced yet? Here are 5 reasons to work in the Netherlands.

Job opportunities

The Netherlands may be small, but it’s full of fresh job opportunities. The country is home to a wide range of international and multinational companies. With many international talents moving to the country, the Netherlands has become an interesting multicultural hub where English is one of the most spoken languages besides Dutch.

There are a number of growing job sectors in the Netherlands. These include agriculture and food, energy, IT, health and life sciences, logistics and creative industries. So no matter which sector you specialize in, there will always be a job for you.

As a highly trained expat, finding jobs in the Netherlands isn’t hard to do. Especially if you have the right qualifications a lot of Dutch companies are looking for. If you have just left university or you’re a highly-skilled migrant, you will be able to find a job.

The work-life balance

We cannot talk about all the different reasons to work in the Netherlands and not mention the all important work-life balance! The Netherlands can consistently be found on lists of the ten best countries to live in for a good work-life balance.

Dutch employers, for the most part, understand that there can be many sides to life, not just work. It may even be frowned upon if it’s expected of you to work overtime without sufficient payment. You can only work a legal maximum of 60 hours a week, although it’s much more common to do 36 to 40 instead. Normally workdays are no longer than 8 hours.

Working in the Netherlands truly gives you the chance to embrace the saying: ‘work hard, play hard’. At the end of a work day, you will have time to run, go to the gym, spend time with your family or meet up with friends. Hey, it's your free time! You can even be a couch potato if you wish to catch up on a little me time.

High standard of living

The Netherlands is not just famous for its relaxed approach to work. The Dutch also enjoy a high quality of life! The OECD reports that Dutchies enjoy a significantly better level of satisfaction in life than the global average, with above average career and earnings opportunities, housing, education, health and environmental standards.

The majority (82%) of people in the Netherlands even report having more positive experiences on an average day than negative ones. So it’s not surprising that the Netherlands has been ranked as the world’s fifth happiest country according to the United Nations Happiness Report, and is ranked amongst the happiest countries in Europe according to Eurostat.

The ever growing industry

The Dutch economy is one of the most stable in the European Union. This along with an appealing taxation system and location in the centre of Europe, has made the Netherlands extremely appealing to international companies. Internationally-renowned local businesses such as Unilever have their headquarters in the country, which in turn has attracted a lot of international talent. Add the other headquarters from companies from all over the world to this list and you have a multicultural business hub.

And it’s only continuing to expand as more companies move here, creating a demand for skilled workers in sectors such as renewable energy, healthcare, IT and especially engineering. For people looking to work in a rapidly growing marketplace, the Netherlands is the place to be.

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The community

One of our final reasons to work in the Netherlands might also be the most important. Of course we can talk for hours about all the job opportunities but all these jobs are nothing without the people! Community, mutual respect and friendship are very important for the Dutch people. The Netherlands has an egalitarian society. This means that status and respect are through your hard work and how you behave, not through family ties or old age. Every person is equal.

Dutch citizens are very friendly and hospitable, and welcome all people across different backgrounds and cultures. The Dutch have a reputation as tolerant, welcoming and open to new opportunities. This is not only reflected in the way they do business but also in how they make friends and build relationships. Of course, they are also known for being very direct. But that just means that they are honest and you never have to doubt how they might feel about you. They will tell you.

On top of this, the language skills of the Dutch population are impeccable. Most people living in the Netherlands can speak fluent English, and some even speak 3 different languages or more. The cultural diversity of the Netherlands ensures that communication is never a problem and makes it a great place for expats to settle.

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