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6 Noteworthy Recruitment Trends For 2021

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As we enter the year of 2021 – after a treacherous ride through 2020, which was subject to the following events:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic
  • Political and social unrest
  • Economic disruption, AND
  • A mental health crisis

… the workforce is now looking ahead by focusing on the recruitment process. While trends may come and go – or even change within its lifespan – there are 6 most notable ones to keep an eye on in the new year, which may shape how businesses recruit more workers:

1. Recruitment Will Focus More On Diversity

“Since diversity has grown worldwide, thanks to cultural trends and social movements now more evident than ever, companies have already pledged to take action to make their workplaces and missions more diverse,” says Harrison Foley, a journalist at Research Paper Writing Service and Write My Paper. “And diversity starts with recruitment. Human resources will consider expanding their talent pools and looking at candidates thoroughly, to ensure that their work environment complies with what’s expected of today’s diverse world. Not only will recruiters deliver a diverse pipeline of candidates, but also advocate for them during the recruitment process. That means that all hiring managers should be held accountable for giving everyone – no matter of race, gender, etc. – a fair shot at applying for a position at a company.”

2. More Complex Compliance

The public want to be reassured that workplaces are safe to return to; or, they want to be reassured that they can work from home if they want to. Therefore, many organizations are reevaluating their compliance policies, when it comes to:

  • COVID-19 safety
  • Transparent pay and promotion
  • Data privacy
  • Anti-harassment training, etc.

3. Companies Will Be More Societal And Political

With more and more people paying more attention to societal and political happenings, employers are now faced with the demand of picking a side on any given issue (i.e. race, gender equality, etc.). Therefore, CEOs must respond by ensuring that the workplace supports issues that matter the most, based on what their employees want to see there.

4. Virtual Recruitment is Now Canon

Since lockdowns instigated by COVID-19 have made virtual recruitment a reality, that reality may still be here to stay no matter the occasion. Since video interviewing and remote assessments have proven to be successful throughout 2020, 2021 will still have its share of virtual recruitment, even if companies decide to do a hybrid hiring process that combines both virtual and in-person recruiting.

5. Health And Wellness Are High Priorities

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 had transformed how people lived, worked, attended school, and so on, mental health has been a hot topic for many people,” says Jeremy Pelloe, an HR manager at State Of Writing and Lia Help. “As a result, health and wellness are – and will continue to be – reinforced throughout many companies. In fact, many companies will make sure that 100% of their workplaces are safe and comfortable for all of their employees.”

In addition, health and wellness will extend to providing other benefits for employees, such as:

  • Physical wellness
  • Care for the elderly
  • Child care
  • Flexible work arrangement
  • Mental health sessions
  • “Unplug” sessions
  • “Meeting-free” days
  • Paid time off, and so on

Remote Work Is Here To Stay

Finally, COVID-19 has not only caused government restrictions (i.e. lockdowns), but also had many companies safeguard their employees’ safety and health. As a result, remote work has grown significantly, especially among employees who wish to comply with social distancing rules.

Therefore, as 2021 begins, remote work will still be a desired way to work, even as vaccinations are underway. And, even with the concept of remote work, workers can gain significant skills that can be used whenever they decide to work in a regular office or work environment.


As you can see, recruiters from various companies and industries will continue to serve as the bridge between a company’s hiring needs and other key initiatives involving HR. In fact, it’s no wonder that there are many changes that have shaped the previous year, and will continue to shape the year 2021. That means that HR will continue to work hard to ensure diversity, fairness, and wellness in the workforce, which will bring the following to companies:

  • Clarity to data from expanded talent pools
  • Reshaped employer branding, AND
  • Fine-tuned virtual recruitment

As these 6 recruitment trends are in production – even during the writing of this article – companies will soon find that inclusiveness, ethics, and sustainability that they need to ensure business success.

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Katherine Rundell is a HR manager at Management essay help and Homework help. She is also a proofreader at Write My Essay. As a proofreader writer, she blogs about workplace ethics and trends in HR.


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