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A day on the Hereford Hoeve Farm - Teambuilding

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On the 12th of September we had our annual team building day. On this day we visited the Hereford Hoeve farm in Lexmond owned by one of our recruiters’ parents. The social care farm works with seniors with a disability and are there for the elderly in need of social interaction and support. This institute , with professional staff, offers top level care to seniors, a fitting curriculum for this age group and a place of comfort where they can come together once a week and partake in activities tailored just to them.

As a thank you for all the important work that they do for the elderly community and a means of paying it forward, we of Undutchables gave back by taking our recruiters hats of and this time we became the recruited.

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Before the manual labor started, we grouped together and talked about the future of recruiting. With all the technological advances, especially in recruitment, it is important to gauge what this can mean for us recruiters in the future.

After our brainstorming session it was all hands on deck. 6 groups, with each their own specific tasks, went the farm in and started tackling the tasks at hand. We had our fence painters, potato pickers, rakers, stall cleaners and horse groomers all working hard for a good cause and of course having a good time doing it. After all the hard work on the farm it was time for some well deserved dinner. And what’s better than some BBQ? Our team mingled…I mean, it is called team building after all.

At the end we were rewarded with self-picked potatoes and a feeling of selflessness.

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It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.

Mother Teresa

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