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In March and April our team at Undutchables hosted our first bi-annual Breakfast Meeting of 2018, to discuss the underlying issue of diversity. The meetings took place in the cities of Rotterdam and Amsterdam in the conference rooms of the NH Hotel, The Hoxton Hotel and the Singel80, where our guests were kindly welcomed and offered a warm beverage. Before the workshop began, our guests had the opportunity to socialize and interact with others and our colleagues from Undutchables. Tables were prepared with breakfast essentials such as, sandwiches, croissants and yoghurt and that meant that the meeting could start.


Ilse (Founder of Undutchables) opened the meeting with a brief introduction of Undutchables, followed by an explanation of issues that recruitment agencies are faced with, such as discrimination in the selection process and how the topic of diversity falls back on this subject.

After Ilse illuminated the reason for this meeting, she gave word to the guest speaker Gyuri Vergouw. Gyuri started his speech by telling the participants about his own background and how the idea of diversity played a big role in his childhood and early life. After introducing the topic of diversity through his own life experiences, and how this idea has evolved over time he went on to explain the important aspects of diversity such as race, education level, age, sexual orientation and so forth. The attendees interested in implementing diversity in the workforce were made aware that diversity can not exist if the topic of Inclusion is not addressed. Simply said, Diversity and inclusion go hand in hand. A company looking to exercise diversity must therefore also find a way to include the different groups, for if not, diversity would not prove effective.

We have a long way to go, but we also came a long way

Gyuri Vergouw

Gyuri covered the advantages of a diverse workforce, but also briefly touched on the disadvantages that this concept brings with it. The subject of unconscious bias was discussed and how this can have an affect not only in businesses but also in day-to-day life. The notion of diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias were then exercised in a very interactive way, where participants were asked to visit a website and take part of a quiz, to assess how they think about topics pertaining to these subjects. The results were interesting and in some cases, unexpected.

The workshop concluded with the opportunity for guests and Undutchables’ members to ask and answer questions in a casual setting.


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