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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Last week  there was a special delivery at the Undutchables offices in the Netherlands. We all received a little box with sugar filled frosting topped cupcakes! You might be wondering whether cupcake deliveries is a weekly occurrence at Undutchables, but that is not the case. This delivery was in support of Pink Ribbon, a charity for which Undutchables has been a long time contributor. Pink Ribbon finances projects which have a focus on curing, taking care of and supporting breast cancer patients and survivors. As October is breast cancer awareness month it seemed only fitting to show some extra support for the women fighting breast cancer.

It also hits close to home at Undutchables as co-founder Judith passed away in 2001 after battling breast cancer. The charity has taken on a special meaning since then and we even raised money for the cause during this year’s Eurovision party.  Another reason we wanted to support breast cancer awareness month more publicly than usual this year is because a former employee of Undutchables is currently battling breast cancer.

Together with a friend she is baking cupcakes for colleagues, friends and family and in return asking for donations to the cause. The delivery to the offices were specially arranged as we not only wanted to show our support to our former colleague, but the cupcakes were also too good to pass up on. As it is for charity we could justify ditching our diets; calories do not count when it is for a good cause!

If you would like to know more about Pink Ribbon or the causes you can support, go to:


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