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Job Application trends 2021

You are positive: you will find your ideal job in the nice, “gezellige” Netherlands. But how do you know for sure that you will be hired and that you can get started as soon as possible? In this article we have listed 5 application trends for 2021. This will bring you one step closer to finding your dream job in the Netherlands!

Apply via your mobile

Number one tip and the new trend of 2021. Many applications are done via a smartphone. What does this mean for you? Make your cover letter and resume "mobile first". This might sound excessive, but it certainly is important. When you have created your resume and cover letter, save them as PDFs. In Word, the layout can sometimes shift when you open it on your smartphone.

Apply via video

Do you really want to stand out? We have the recipe for a chance of success. Put on your best outfit, this means business. Grab your camera and create a short film in which you introduce yourself in a unique and spontaneous way. You can show your best self and the recruiter, or the company will immediately have a good idea of ​​who you are and if you fit the company culture.

Make sure your video looks professional. Our advice is to get used to the camera first. The first time recording will feel a bit awkward. Our tip: pretend you're talking to a real person instead of the camera. This comes across more natural.

Currently, it is still uncommon to apply with a video, but we expect that to change soon. So, should you apply with a video in 2021? We would!

Personal branding

A brand? Isn't that something specifically for companies? Wrong! By presenting yourself as a brand, you distinguish yourself from the rest.

What do you want to radiate as a "brand"? Playful, cool, professional or classic? The right appearance starts with a good design of your CV. In addition, it is important to continue this image throughout your social media channels. Companies and recruiters are increasingly looking at your social media accounts.

Do you want to go one step further? Write a blog, e-book or paper. Should they google your name, you will (hopefully) be the first result! Or start your own website with personal information about you, your experience and your skills. Guaranteed success!

Learn, learn and learn some more

An employer finds it important to see that you know what is going on within the industry or the field. Training is high on the checklist for recruiters. Do you regularly deal with trends and developments? Check! You are immediately one step ahead.

And no, you do not have to follow a certified training right away. There are plenty of free webinars and courses. This way you always stay informed of the latest trends and developments within your field and it is also a nice change between applying for a job.

Use LinkedIn as your CV

Important: make sure your profile is always and completely up-to-date. As we mentioned above, the chances are very high that the recruiter or the company will come and peek at your profile.

But how do you organize your profile properly?

• Use a business profile photo, not a holiday photo.

• Provide a complete biography, use your CV for this.

• Add a job description to each position.

• Have you done volunteer work? Definitely add this to your experience!

• Add all courses, webinars, training and certificates.

• Make sure your contact details are correct.

• Create a unique URL for your LinkedIn page.

• Provide a link to your profile in your email signature.

• Do you have other platforms, such as a website or Facebook page? Then add the links!

After reading this blog, are you eager to come to the Netherlands to apply? Take a look at our vacancies. We will gladly help you find the ideal job in beautiful Netherlands.


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