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Song Contest party 2018

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They were asked to roar, and roar they did!

Last Saturday we celebrated yet another year of our annual Song Contest party. The theme this year was Tales of the Jungle.

The moment the guests stepped into the St. Olof’s Chapel in Amsterdam, they were transcended to a scene from the Tarzan movie. The venue was completely transformed, with vines and other vegetation hanging from the walls and making their way up to the ceiling. Wildlife such as crocodiles, cheetah’s and monkeys were lurking in the dark, ready for their next meal.

On one corner of the venue there was a bar for the wildest of the wild. For the ones that were looking to zest their costumes up, we had experienced face-painters ready to equip willing guests with that extra “jungle” touch. An indoor BBQ served chicken and vegetarian kebabs. Very fitting! For the ones fully prepared to be emerged into the jungle themed experience, we had dried bugs, a jungle delicacy! All this with the disclaimer: ‘Only for the most daring’, of course.

Undutchables Jungle 295
Undutchables Jungle 938

Surely, no jungle is complete without a Tarzan and Jane. Our Tarzan and Jane duo made sure that the guests were enjoying their evening the right way. At 23:00 there was a surprise entertainment; a fire breather. He lit the room up (metaphorically) with his outstanding fire act.

Just like the previous years, for those who wanted to watch the Song Festival competition, the second floor had a lounge area where guests could use the wireless headsets and follow the competition comfortably.

Our only request for the evening was for the guests to forget about everything and go wild for one evening. And so they did! We saw a bunch of out of the box thinkers with the most creative costumes, and witnessed some of the wildest moves on the dance floor. Amongst others, rangers, cavemen, and tribe members hit the floor for an unforgettable night. The lucky winner of the "dress to inpress" prize was asked on stage to collect his prize. Aside from that, there was a plane ticket prize worth €250 for the person who guessed the correct winner of the Eurovision Song Festival.

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Unlike the motto, what happens in Vegas, we fully encouraged our guests to take pictures and make ever-lasting memories at our mirror booth. For those who joined us, we hope you enjoyed this years’ program. For those who were unable to attend, we hope to see you next year at our Eurovision event!

Curious to see the pictures? Click here!

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