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New Years traditions

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Happy New years from the Undutchables team! We hope you enjoy the champagne and Dutch oliebollen as we mark the end of 2016 on the 31st of December.

There are countless New Years traditions across the world. This became even more evident during a conversation between some of the Undutchables staff as they discussed the difference in New Years traditions. Our Italian colleague spoke about how it is traditional to eat lentils during New Years eve in Italy as it is supposed to bring prosperity in the New Year. She also mentioned that whatever you do on New Years eve, it is believed to be experienced repeatedly during the new year… We will leave the interpretations of this statement up to you.

However, as she was talking our Peruvian colleague mentioned that in Peru it is tradition to run around the block with a suitcase on New Years eve. This ensures a year full of travelling. It got very interesting when they discussed the similarities between their countries New Years celebrations. In Italy it is traditional to wear red underwear on New Years eve and we found out that in Peru they traditionally wear yellow underwear on the 31st of December. Another similarity could be found in the consuming of grapes during New Years eve. The Italians and Peruvians believe that eating grapes at New Years brings good luck for the next year.

The Dutch do not seem that bothered with complicated New Years  traditions. It is more about stuffing ones faces with deep fried dough covered in sugar and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. What goes well with alcohol? Firework apparently.. walk down a street in any Dutch city during New Years and the smoke of firework billowing from under cars and between bikes will remind you that the Dutch take their firework seriously. Not Chinese- aesthetically beautiful firework- seriously, but more -lets blow everything up- seriously. One more Dutch tradition that should not be overlooked is the New Years dip in the sea. Hundreds of people gather on the beach on New Years day and dive into the ice cold North sea.

We hope that you enjoy your New Years eve wherever you may be and would love to hear about any New Years traditions you adhere to!    


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