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The 5 biggest recruitment trends for 2020

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It was a challenge in the beginning of 2020 to find qualified employees. The corona crisis came and changed all that. More and more people are now unemployed and are looking for other opportunities. With the increase of qualified candidates back on the market, it is good to look at the recruitment trends of this year. Below you will find the 5 biggest recruitment trends for 2020.

1. Better vacancies using tools and video

The recruitment process always starts with writing a vacancy text and posting the vacancy. There are several tools that can make this process more efficient. You may already be familiar with Textio, Grammarly, Vacancy Improver or Recruitment Accelerator. These tools not only check your spelling, but also check whether your text matches the right target group.

In addition to the use of various tools, the use of videos will also increase further. Instead of having a written vacancy, a video can add value to your vacancy page. This way, applicants get a better picture of your company and are more inclined to apply.

2. The use of Artificial Intelligence when recruiting new talent

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the concept in which machines 'think like people'. They can reason, plan, learn and understand language. The applications of AI are endless within recruitment. For example, various parts of the recruitment process can be automated, such as sourcing or part of the communication that is done by a chatbot (pre-screening). In the coming year, demand for A.I. solutions will increase further, and more companies will respond to this.

3. The possibility to apply via WhatsApp

After posting the vacancy and sourcing qualified candidates, it is (hopefully) time to contact the candidate, or for the candidate to contact you. Some companies are already using WhatsApp to apply. This will increase even further in 2020. WhatsApp provides a personal approach that can contribute to the feeling that a candidate has about the vacancy. The use of WhatsApp makes applying for jobs easy, fast and accessible.

4. More and more attention is being paid to diversity

This is about getting more women in top positions, or attracting more men (in education or care) or women (in IT, technology, and management) in certain function areas. Attention will also increase further for diversity in color, ethnicity, culture, migration background and religious background. Greater diversity can, among other things, change the image of what is considered normal within the social majority and can create a new way of thinking within a group.

5. The focus will be on the candidate experience
Candidates can drop out when the application procedure is lengthy, for example, when completing an application form or uploading a CV or motivation. If the application process at another company is easier for the candidate, this may be a contributing factor for them not to apply with you. Therefore, always make sure that the application process is quick and simple for the candidate.

Now that it is clear what the main trends are for 2020, it is important to get started and recruit those qualified candidates who are now without work due to the corona crisis.


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