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Copy ID: New rules for recruitment agencies

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Employers are obliged to check the identity of employees, to assess the residency status and to keep a copy of the identity document in the administration. These operations will apply not only to employees / temporary employees from 1 January 2018, but also to job-seekers who have not yet been made available to a client but are eligible for it.

This is a consequence of an adjustment of the Workforce Allocation Act by intermediaries (Waadi). The reason for the amendment of the law is that it is useful that the validity of this document can be checked at an early stage (ie already during the recruitment and selection process) whether candidates are authorized to work in the Netherlands.

Passport 3127934 1280

The copy of the candidate's identity document may be stored for a maximum of four weeks. In concrete terms, this means that after having made the copy, the temporary employment agency has four weeks to hire and place the candidate. If this does not happen within this period, the copy must be deleted. If the employment agency wants to continue to mediate the candidate afterwards, a copy will have to be made again.


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