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Updated: Ukrainian refugees allowed to work without a work permit as of April 1st

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As of April 1st, 2022, an exception is being made to allow Ukrainian refugees to work in the Netherlands for one year without a work permit. This exception is being made in an effort to help refugees from Ukraine more easily find work in the Netherlands and be able to more quickly settle in and continue their lives after their displacement.

Refugees will receive a document from the IND to show that they fall under the Temporary Protection Directive (Richtlijn Tijdelijke Bescherming). They will then need to register with the municipality where they will be residing and their employer must notify the UWV of the employment and contract agreement. Once these actions have been taken the refugee will be allowed to begin working two workdays after the employer has informed the UWV.

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If you have any additional questions feel free to let us know or contact the UWV or IND for more specific information.

For Ukrainian Refugees:

Want to know more about how to qualify for this exception and what steps to take to be allowed to work in the Netherlands? In the video below we highlight the most important points and let you know everything you will need to get started.

For Employers:

Would you like to know more about what this exception means for you as an employer and what requirements you need to fulfill when hiring Ukrainian refugees? In the video below we will walk you through everything you need to know and do to successfully employ refugees that fall under the work visa exception.


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