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Undutchables Sweden goes Beyondo

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Beyondo AB will continue with many of the same values and principles and will cooperate with Undutchables, albeit without formal ties.

More than five years ago, Karin Björkman successfully founded the Swedish chapter of Undutchables, an offshoot of the Dutch recruitment agency that was her employer in the Netherlands, to focus on the recruitment of internationals in the Swedish market. With more than fifteen years of recruitment experience working for Undutchables in the Netherlands, Karin was keen to bring the unique Undutchables’ approach to her home country of Sweden. Now, it is time for a new chapter in her story.

New company name, same values - differentiated from the rest.

“We will now continue under the new Beyondo flag, but other than that not much will change!” says Karin Björkman, Founder of Beyondo.

Beyondo will work to improve Swedish access to highly qualified and diverse international experience. A part of the workforce often overlooked when companies favor hiring people from their own network, or own frame of reference.

“What drives us, is the power of inclusion. You should be able to just be you, and do. Hence the name,” says Karin.

“Looking beyond your own network, your own frame of reference when hiring, will ultimately serve as a force multiplier in the future proofing of your company. When you hire from diverse and international backgrounds it strengthens your business and the people in it.”

“They say great minds think alike, I think that’s probably wrong. Great minds think differently. And you need more than one perspective on your decisions. The people who can provide this wider set of competencies, are the people we’re looking to bring you,” she continues.

Successful Swedish chapter

The past 5 years working as a branch of Undutchables have been very successful, but also showed that the needs of the two markets are different. Both companies have now agreed, in the friendliest way, that Undutchables Sweden will continue under a new name - Beyondo.

Forever grateful to Undutchables

“Undutchables has been a great company to work for. I’m grateful for the fantastic years together with them, all the great people I have worked with and the great opportunity that Undutchables offered me. They believed in me and made it possible for me to set up my own company, under their flag, in my homeland. For that I will be forever grateful,” says Karin Björkman.

“A big thank you to all of my Undutchables colleagues! I am sure we all will stay in touch!”

“I am confident we will continue to work together,” says Undutchables General Manager.

Nick van der Dussen, owner and General Manager of Undutchables Recruitment Agency BV, adds:

“Karin has done an excellent job establishing as an international recruitment specialist on the Swedish market. I am wishing her the very best for the future and am confident that the 2 companies will continue to work together on challenging recruitment cases.”

About Beyondo AB

Our purpose is to be the link between candidates with an international life and work experience and the job market in Sweden. Our vision is to be the most professional human matchmaker of internationally experienced candidates, Swedish homecomers and international companies recruiting in Sweden. We are your partner for recruitment of talents with international experience for business-oriented positions. We have a personal and transparent approach, where we look beyond a CV and find the right puzzle piece your organization needs in order to grow your business.

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