Den Haag

The Hague

Our political capital was a logical choice for an Undutchables branch. Our services are incredibly useful for the large expat community in the city. Fittingly enough the Undutchables office in The Hague is just a stone throw away from the King's palace and our employees can often be seen taking a stroll there during their lunch break to catch some air and who knows, maybe even a glimpse of royalty! 

Our team

Katja Heurkens - Grunewald

Branch Manager
+31 (0)70 711 83 00

"The highest form of bliss is living with a certain degree of folly"

Katja has been working at Undutchables since 2006 and is a dedicated and enthusiastic Branch Manager in the The Hague/Rotterdam team. She enjoys making a difference to her candidates and clients with her professional-personal touch. Katja loves having a good laugh with her colleagues in the office, and enjoys good food. Originally from Berlin she is an Undutchable herself. Together with her husband she loves to travel and see the world, and hopes to own a cat one day.

Sander Tromp

Recruitment Consultant
+31 (0)70 711 83 00

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

Sander is a true people’s person which is reflected in his background in hospitality and sports education. He easily gets along with people from all walks of life, which makes him an approachable person for candidates from all over the world. In his free time he enjoys travelling, kickboxing, snowboarding, skiing and other sports. Sander lives in the city of Delft which he considers the nicest city of The Netherlands. Its medieval center is picturesque and the city has everything you wish for.. Delft is also near the second best city in The Netherlands, Rotterdam, an ideal base for Sander to visit football matches of his favorite club.

Billie Almbasher

Recruitment Consultant
+31 (0)70 711 83 00

Opportunities to learn and gain the most come about when life seems most challenging.

Originally from Australia, Billie has been living in Europe for the last few years. Initially she travelled a lot, followed by two years settled in Greece, before finally landing in the Netherlands in 2018. She has experience in both the commercial and non-profit sectors. Billie loves working in a fast-paced environment where she has to multi-task and improvise, and generally take a very people-minded focus in her work and interactions. As an innovative coordinator, Billie has developed a passion for positive commercial development, as well as startup initiation and social enterprise. Her focus is to support the ongoing growth and creation of sustainable, self funding businesses. She believes that face to face business is the best kind and that we should all aim to develop a strong cross-cultural understanding in order to achieve success amongst an international network. Billie is a friendly, social and outgoing person who has a passion for meeting new people, traveling and exploring the outdoors. Generally this is matched with a love of being in the sunshine… But as this is limited in the Netherlands, She tries to convince herself that riding a bike everywhere is the substitute (so far so good).

Maria Schulze

Recruitment Consultant
+31 (0)70 711 83 00

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

Maria decided 10 years ago to hopp over the boarder from Germany and explore the Netherlands. She started with her studies here, worked in the east of the Netherlands for a while (that’s where her accent is from) and then decided to move to the coast, The Hague! Maria madly fell in love with the culture and the easy going people and decided to stay. She really enjoys exploring new dishes, cooking and trying to surf. She is always curious about meeting new people and connecting and matching is in her blood. So recruitment was just a logical step in her career. Maria is always in for a good laugh, anything related to food and sporty activities.

Chris Bielefeld

Office Assistant
+31 (0)70 711 83 00

People will forget what you said, what you did, but never how you made them feel

Chris is a real Dutchie! Blond hair and blue eyes. She grew up in a small village called Pijnacker. With a twin-sister and a younger sister she was raised in a girly household.In a female dominated family you quickly develop the empathy ability. Chris is therefore a real people person! Due to natural interest in other people, the decision was made easy to get started as an office assistant for Undutchables. Getting to work with people from different backgrounds and cultures brings her great joy and helps her to see her view of situations or problems in a different light. It’s not a surprise that she really likes to travel and would like to see every country in the world! Chris is always cheerful and she has the ability to energize others with her energy and positive mindset. Nothing beats a fast moving and busy day for her which she likes to end on the beautiful beach of The Hague.

Rodrigo Cruz

Recruitment Consultant
+31 (0)70 711 83 00

“The more we value things, the less we value ourselves”

Rodrigo started with the Undutchables in 2019. He has been working in recruitment for the last four years and has recently moved to The Netherlands with his Dutch wife after twelve years abroad (Australia and UK). He has a background in Communications and enjoys dealing with people from different walks of life. Rodrigo is extremely passionate about music and plays drums in a metal band doing eventual gigs in the UK and Europe.

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