The tables were set. Breakfast was served. On the morning of the 11th of April, we hosted our annual Breakfast meeting. A client focused meeting where guest speakers come to talk about current topics in business. The meeting was held at the beautiful location ‘The Loft’ in Amsterdam. Welcomed with a warm beverage, guests were able to socialize before the workshop began. After the announcement by our marketing manager Kirsten Jansen that the program was about to begin, guests were able to grab breakfast essentials and take place for the start of the workshop.


With a quick introduction and 4 essential ingredients Team coach, Anouk Neele kicked off the Breakfast meeting. She immediately jumped into the topic of the day ’Teamflow’ by asking participants to couple up and partake in some team exercises. When everyone got into the drive of the day, guest speaker Jef van den Hout, founder and researcher at Flow concept, took over. Jef explains ‘Flow’ as a condition that is experienced when an individual or a group of people are absorbed in an activity, coupled with a motivated and energetic focus. When Teamflow occurs, the feeling is experienced in unity and during the execution of mutually dependent tasks for the overall team interest. The feeling of Flow, applied to a team has as result a better experience, teamwork, satisfaction and happiness.

Jef continues to explain that in order to experience Teamflow, 7 prerequisites and 4 characteristics come into play. The 4 characteristics identify how it feels like to be in the state of Flow with your team and the prerequisites are what are needed to get into the Flow state.

Partnered with the actors of “Het Generatietheater” Jef was able to reenact situations to show the guests best practices and points to touch on in a real life setting. During the workshop there were moments where Anouk encouraged the guests to dig a little deeper and share their experiences with certain situations.

At the end of the presentation there was one last exercise for the guests. They were asked by Anouk to answer 6 questions. The answers were not shared. The questions:

1. Why did you ever join this team

2. What connects you with your team

3. What is your unique contribution to the team?

4. What is your united challenge as a team?

5. Why is this team able to meet this challenge

6. So, what are you going to do?

Equipped with these 6 questions guests were led to really assess to themselves their own team and the teams’ strengths.

A thank you to everyone that was present, our speakers Jef and Anouk and the actors of Het Generatietheater.


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