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Future proof jobs in 2020

In recent months, Intelligent automation has been a hot topic and is said to be one of the most significant disrupters to date. We are seeing more and more jobs being performed by robots. This can have a negative affect on the job supply for people able, and willing to work. Luckily, the scales are balanced with the introduction of new jobs to the market. Are you an expat and are you curious to know which jobs have the most potential for 2020? Continue reading below.

Transport & logistics

The demand for transport and logistic related jobs grows with about 2.3% each year and it is reported to keep growing for the upcoming years. The function experiencing the highest growth in this industry are couriers. In addition, Dubai is at the forefront of innovations in the transport and logistics sector. Dubai has conducted its first tests of their unmanned drone taxi service. With success, this will create a whole new job category. Even though the taxis are unmanned, a pilot is needed to control the drone; the job of the future. If this kicks off it won’t be long before this new mode of transportation is adopted in the Netherlands.


Just as we find It important to be able to communicate with others (mainly through speech) so do the hearing impaired. Thanks to an interpreter, are people with a hearing impairment able to communicate with others and are they able to integrate themselves better in society. An interpreter is not a new profession, but it is a future-proof profession.


The total population is growing exponentially each year and with it, the economy. A growth in population (and economy) has a direct effect on the construction sector. The demand for new houses, apartments and office buildings is increasing. In addition, the world is increasingly moving towards sustainable living. Automatically, workers and employers active in the construction sector are confronted with a higher demand of sustainable building. Are you experienced in sustainable building? You are in luck. People like you are in high demand.

Care worker

Nurses, lab technicians, physiotherapists and other medical professionals play an important role in society. The demand for nurses is particularly high in the Netherlands. Every year the demand increases by 6.5%. The benefit of this sector is that there is a very small that it will be taken over by computers any time soon. Ultimately, the physical care of someone is still people work.

Online Media

Nowadays, almost every company is active on social media. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the importance of social media is essential for business growth. Without a strong online business presence, companies run the risk of not being found by their target audience. Because social media experiences constant, rapid changes, there will always be enough opportunities in this field to start as a marketer or social media expert.


The more the Dutch population grows, the greater the need for healthy, fresh and good food. Dutch people enjoy eating out. As a result, an increase in the number of restaurants and therefore a higher demand for kitchen staff. Flippy, a burger-flipping robot, is operational in the states, but when it comes to more intricate dishes, robots would need to learn a lot before they can process this level of culinary artistry. Are you looking for more information about working in the Netherlands? Read our tips on working in the Netherlands below.


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