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HR Event - Happpiness at work

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On the 17th of November we combined entertainment and information and hosted our annual HR event themed ‘happiness at work’. On Friday we transformed the grand St Olofs church into an inside circus, with acts and presentations for an afternoon to be remembered.

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The afternoon opened with a speech from our commercial manager, Nick van der Dussen and was followed by a witty performance by the Di Lello clowns. After a good dose of humor, our keynote speaker Gea Pepper formally introduced the theme of the afternoon, happiness in the workplace. The dynamic presentation encouraged guests to mingle with one another and discuss topics such as ‘the main reasons causing dissatisfaction in the workplace’ whilst sharing real life experiences centered around happiness at work. The first half of the event was concluded with a breath taking aerial silk act by Paola Di Lello.

After the short break it was back to the program. For the second part of the afternoon we had two workshops, both focused on the theme of the event. Upstairs in the chapel, the speaker Heleen Mes covered the topic of Effective Onboarding. During her presentation she discussed employee experience, the effects thereof and the process and advantages of a great onboarding strategy. On the lower level of the chapel Gea Pepper’s presentation delve deeper into the topic of employee experience and discussed how the culture of a company can impact the overall employee performance.


At the end of both workshops the Di Lello clowns came on stage one last time for their closing musical performance. As a token of our appreciation for all their hard work, we presented each artist and presenter with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. After that it was time for some food and drinks, and of course everyone had the chance to network. Altogether, this was a successful event. We enjoyed hosting another one of our annual events and would like to thank all the attendants. For the ones that could not make it, we hope to see you next year at our next annual HR event.

Until next time!


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